To the left, to the left. #seat21a #21A

Hey there, Rainier! Long time no see. What’ve you been up to?

Tons of beautiful jet spray there. Just can’t see it here.

Bit o’ lumber for some little projects.

Drove to Montana to surprise @rydon41 —one of my all time best friends — for the hell of it / kicking off 40th birthday celebrations. (P.S. @risingsunpizza was tasty with friendly service.)

They’re expecting!!

Impatiently waiting for her ginger ale and asking where the wifi is at. She’s really embracing this first class seat.

First class to Denver!

Yesterday, I got to cheer and watch as my neighbor and friend (and 1,002 other Minnesota residents) became new citizens. Such a great day!

Cute little guy CVG tower photobombing. Let’s go home!

Rainy day at CVG.

Waiting for @ChrisEng at SIRAcon

Waiting for flight DL1188 from MSP to CVG. SkyClub food isn’t glamorous, but they always have some fresh veggies and a bottle of sriracha out, and that’s all I need. #skymileslife

Dinner out the other night to celebrate my early retirement (lay-off).

Hop, hop.

Reluctant battleshippers after some fabulous @animalesbarbequeco lunch

Well, @jvmrtnsvll did a wonderful job grooming Gunther’s facial hair. It’s never looked so good!

Hey there, Minnesnowda! Glad to be home just before the ❄️

Curling at 10 PM is exhausting!

Hot damn!

Pot sticker face!

This kid isn’t very good at Marco Polo.

HoffRamen? Hoff🍜! This was delicious—made with fresh(ish) Korean noodles, marinated soft-boiled 🥚 (not pictured), InstantPot 🐖 belly (not recommended, but worked in a pinch), and 🦃 broth …