Impatiently waiting for her ginger ale and asking where the wifi is at. She’s really embracing this first class seat.

First class to Denver!

Yesterday, I got to cheer and watch as my neighbor and friend (and 1,002 other Minnesota residents) became new citizens. Such a great day!

Cute little guy CVG tower photobombing. Let’s go home!

Rainy day at CVG.

Waiting for @ChrisEng at SIRAcon

Waiting for flight DL1188 from MSP to CVG. SkyClub food isn’t glamorous, but they always have some fresh veggies and a bottle of sriracha out, and that’s all I need. #skymileslife

Dinner out the other night to celebrate my early retirement (lay-off).

Hop, hop.

Reluctant battleshippers after some fabulous @animalesbarbequeco lunch

Well, @jvmrtnsvll did a wonderful job grooming Gunther’s facial hair. It’s never looked so good!

Hey there, Minnesnowda! Glad to be home just before the ❄️

Curling at 10 PM is exhausting!

Hot damn!

Pot sticker face!

This kid isn’t very good at Marco Polo.

HoffRamen? Hoff🍜! This was delicious—made with fresh(ish) Korean noodles, marinated soft-boiled 🥚 (not pictured), InstantPot 🐖 belly (not recommended, but worked in a pinch), and 🦃 broth from Thanksgiving.

Feed serendipity with @gambineri and @authorabbyjimenez

This kid is a goof.

My girls

Goofing with a flash. #nofilter

Chilling this morning before we started the day.

Dapper little dude this morning.

Look at the pumpkin Theresa raked up today!