Hello, Seoul. I won’t see any of you this time around, but your airport is nice.

Interesting geology heading into Atlanta. There are a number of large ridges that have series of small ridges radiating out East of the main ridge. I think this was NW Georgia. Maybe part of the Appalachians?

Its coming together!

Thursday’s crew out at Vivienne’s Joy build!

My afternoon crew hard at work!

Joyeux anniversaire à ma petite chérie!

Happy baby makes for a good morning

Front row with Brother Ali at Prairie Burn!



Now Now while I rock my boy to sleep.

Tractor ride at prairie burn



The ramen was worth the wait but I’m glad I didn’t have to wait three times as long!

Short line tonight, looking forward to this ramen!

Beautiful morning in San Francisco for some delicious espresso.

For comparison, Gwyneth at about the same age…

Gunther pondering life on his way to his first day at day care.

Lovely date with a lovely lady!

Dancers ready!

Look at this fabulous meal I just ate! (Ramen was too good to stop and take a picture while it was here…)