Hard to get a sense of how big this plane is without anything around it. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the prep and departure.

I liked the light off this @americanair A319 shot 2020-11-29 at @mspairport. I missed the Antonov A124 taking off that morning and only caught the Carolina Panthers motorcade on the highway, and …

Beginning of the end, this.

Halloween costumes. A created character inspired by Ahsoka Tano and The Cheeto in Chief acting presidential.

Listening to @davechangshow while hungry is not recommended. But it results in nice things like an apple cream crêpe cake for breakfast! They came out too thick, but it’ll be okay. Adding sugar to …

A pie chart depicting the cake I have not baked yet.

Black Lives Matter.

Look at this fuggin ugly monster! Oops, I mean funny ugly monster…

Yum yum!

MSP doing double-time to keep runways and taxiways clear.

I’ve always wanted to sit in the cockpit, but this isn’t quite what I had in mind. (I’d give you a wider view, but I’d bonk my seat neighbor in the nose.)

The fish kisses the rice and oh my god the food here is amazing.

Skol! Thanks Kim for watching the kids on a date night!

Happy holidays! Scored this for a steep discount because there’s a scratch on the label.

Finally did this.

Good morning, mountains.

Connecting through LGA, I enjoyed the prettiest view of Manhattan you can get. Then I got to watch as the moon’s reflections danced across the ground while we flew south. I hadn’t ever seen that …

The only time Narcissa Malloy ever smiled.

Thor is loving this costume. 🍬🌽

This is still one of my most significant achievements.