2022-05-25: Hug your children. Hard. More children died at gunpoint yesterday. Guns are now the leading cause of death in children. …

2022-05-02: What in the hell is with every browser deciding to warn when told to quit!?

2022-03-20: Simple pleasures — things organized neatly.

2022-01-24: Retired FBI agent cracks 75 year/old cold case This is a fascinating read revealing who most likely betrayed Anne Frank’s family during WWII.

2022-01-06: FAIR-CAM provides explicit descriptions of the control functions that affect risk, as well as the relationships and interdependencies between control functions. FAIR-CAM is pretty interesting. It cuts to the heart of the matter of IT risk in a lot of ways, and …

2022-01-02: 2022 — the year of doing as @patrickrhone does?

2021-12-13: New Condo on Airbnb Back in May, I mentioned meeting with @patrickrhone to discuss housing/real estate, and that my wife …

2021-12-13: Cycles II I have joined the peloton (group or ball in French – the “group” variant here) …

2021-06-20: Cycles I finally have my motorcycle in full riding condition! But first, so I don’t bore you with …

2021-06-09: A year in the life of a game trail in the BWCA.

2021-05-26: I’ve been pondering future movements and listening to @patrickrhone’s recent interview on Systematic …

2021-05-20: Jamie shared this, and I backed it immediately. I’m stoked to play with this with my children! …

2021-05-09: Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We enjoyed a creek-side picnic and a family walk.

2021-05-07: Feeling a new burn with this, my Trashy Firepit. I bought it, happily, as I’m handy and into …

2021-05-05: Hello, @saturdaydumplingclub! Veggie for lunch.

2021-04-23: Get lost in the darkness.


2021-04-01: Honestly, I’m here for April Fools jokes this year.

2021-03-27: Shrimp Diablo a lá Dock Cafe. Eat’cher heart out!

2021-03-20: I’€™m your huckleberry.

2021-03-04: 17 Seventeen years and a day that we’ve been together! I’ve been thinking a lot about that time, and …

2021-02-13: Hair matches jacket!

2021-02-12: I unabashedly asked for a bottle of the new stuff at @handsome_hog last night. Today, Breakfast of …

2020-12-26: Merry Christmas everyone!

2020-12-22: Antonov Antonov An124 from a week ago @mspairport

2020-12-16: Hard to get a sense of how big this plane is without anything around it. Maybe I’ll be able to …

2020-12-15: I liked the light off this @americanair A319 shot 2020-11-29 at @mspairport. I missed the Antonov …

2020-11-21: Beginning of the end, this.

2020-11-02: Halloween costumes. A created character inspired by Ahsoka Tano and The Cheeto in Chief acting …

2020-06-24: Listening to @davechangshow while hungry is not recommended. But it results in nice things like an …

2020-06-18: A pie chart depicting the cake I have not baked yet.

2020-06-02: Black Lives Matter.



2020-04-10: Look at this fuggin ugly monster! Oops, I mean funny ugly monster…

2020-02-15: Yum yum!


2020-01-17: MSP doing double-time to keep runways and taxiways clear.

2020-01-13: I’ve always wanted to sit in the cockpit, but this isn’t quite what I had in mind. (I’d give …

2020-01-10: The fish kisses the rice and oh my god the food here is amazing.

2020-01-10: Skol! Thanks Kim for watching the kids on a date night!

2020-01-03: Happy holidays! Scored this for a steep discount because there’s a scratch on the label.

2019-12-27: Finally did this.

2019-12-07: Good morning, mountains.

2019-11-05: Connecting through LGA, I enjoyed the prettiest view of Manhattan you can get. Then I got to watch …

2019-11-01: The only time Narcissa Malloy ever smiled.

2019-10-31: Thor is loving this costume. 🍬🌽


2019-10-20: This is still one of my most significant achievements.


2019-10-14: To the left, to the left. #seat21a #21A

2019-10-02: Hey there, Rainier! Long time no see. What’ve you been up to?



2019-10-01: Tons of beautiful jet spray there. Just can’t see it here.

2019-09-04: Bit o’ lumber for some little projects.

2019-07-08: Drove to Montana to surprise @rydon41 —one of my all time best friends — for the hell of it / …

2019-06-18: They’re expecting!!

2019-06-08: Impatiently waiting for her ginger ale and asking where the wifi is at. She’s really embracing …

2019-06-08: First class to Denver!

2019-05-14: Yesterday, I got to cheer and watch as my neighbor and friend (and 1,002 other Minnesota residents) …

2019-05-03: Cute little guy CVG tower photobombing. Let’s go home!

2019-05-03: Rainy day at CVG.

2019-04-30: Waiting for @ChrisEng at SIRAcon

2019-04-29: Waiting for flight DL1188 from MSP to CVG. SkyClub food isn’t glamorous, but they always have some …

2019-04-24: Dinner out the other night to celebrate my early retirement (lay-off).

2019-04-23: Hop, hop.

2019-04-07: Reluctant battleshippers after some fabulous @animalesbarbequeco lunch

2019-04-07: Well, @jvmrtnsvll did a wonderful job grooming Gunther’s facial hair. It’s never looked so good!

2019-03-09: Hey there, Minnesnowda! Glad to be home just before the ❄️

2019-01-12: Curling at 10 PM is exhausting!

2018-12-25: Hot damn!

2018-12-23: Pot sticker face!

2018-12-13: This kid isn’t very good at Marco Polo.

2018-12-05: HoffRamen? Hoff🍜! This was delicious—made with fresh(ish) Korean noodles, marinated soft-boiled …

2018-12-01: Feed serendipity with @gambineri and @authorabbyjimenez

2018-11-26: This kid is a goof.

2018-11-26: My girls

2018-11-23: Goofing with a flash. #nofilter

2018-11-20: Chilling this morning before we started the day.

2018-11-14: Dapper little dude this morning.


2018-10-21: Look at the pumpkin Theresa raked up today!

2018-10-08: Huge.

2018-09-30: Hello, Seoul. I won’t see any of you this time around, but your airport is nice.

2018-09-29: Interesting geology heading into Atlanta. There are a number of large ridges that have series of …

2018-09-28: Its coming together!

2018-09-27: Thursday’s crew out at Vivienne’s Joy build!

2018-09-25: My afternoon crew hard at work!


2018-09-17: Joyeux anniversaire àma petite chérie!

2018-09-16: Happy baby makes for a good morning


2018-09-15: Front row with Brother Ali at Prairie Burn!

2018-09-15: #huntpbmf18

2018-09-15: #huntpbmf18

2018-09-15: Now Now while I rock my boy to sleep.

2018-09-15: Tractor ride at prairie burn

2018-09-15: #huntpbmf18

2018-09-13: Cortado!

2018-09-12: The ramen was worth the wait but I’m glad I didn’t have to wait three times as long!

2018-09-12: Short line tonight, looking forward to this ramen!

2018-09-11: Beautiful morning in San Francisco for some delicious espresso.

2018-08-27: For comparison, Gwyneth at about the same age…

2018-08-27: Gunther pondering life on his way to his first day at day care.

2018-08-18: Lovely date with a lovely lady!

2018-08-11: Dancers ready!

2018-07-15: Look at this fabulous meal I just ate! (Ramen was too good to stop and take a picture while it was …

2018-07-15: Hello, boats, bay, Moscone and MoMA!

2018-06-21: Not a bad day to be out in Breckenridge

2018-06-09: Mom was napping … we just had to step out for a few minutes.



2018-06-09: tomelko’s dog is riding rough right now.

2018-05-01: Good morning. Do have a little Sputnik in your step? A little pep in your cup?

2018-04-09: Proud big sister getting ready for her day at school.

2018-04-08: Welcome to my beautiful little boy, Gunther. Gwyneth is going to make a fantastic big sister, and …

2018-03-29: Crazy kids

2018-03-25: Princess mermaid dance party has turned into them attacking me.

2018-03-24: His & Hers #espresso @sputnikroasters

2018-03-18: Everything fits in the new dresser

2018-03-18: Day two of Irish Fest in Saint Paul. #rincenachroi

2018-02-11: Dinner time!






2018-02-09: Child’s Play! Canon in Seattle is fantastic. About 150 PAGES of spirits in their menu.

2018-02-09: Lovely drink at Canon in Seattle!

2017-12-03: My @ecmespresso Giotto has been good to me!







2017-10-18: Dramatic sky this morning in Denver

2017-09-29: Date now got at the Twins game!

2017-09-17: I finally have some time to head out in Amsterdam!

2017-08-30: Universal in the background and a movie shoot being setup at my hotel. #hollywood


2017-08-28: Walking around Hollywood!

2017-07-13: That bunny has heart!

2016-12-17: Freshened up with a shave and a coffee

2016-12-17: A fresh straight razor shave is just the thing to freshen up after the flight to Amsterdam.

2014-10-20: Walking on campus before homecoming parade, the setting sun was peeking over the alumni center just …

2014-10-13: If I win the @Huckberry #ExplorersGrant, I’m going to Iceland with #ChrisBurkard and …

2012-09-13: Welcome to Two Harbors, Arthur M. Anderson.

2012-08-18: Tree.

2012-07-27: I am so jealous of their hair!

2012-07-27: Tin Fish for wifey’s birthday.

2012-07-05: Idaho sunset from a few weeks ago


2012-03-21: She’s already tired of me taking her picture

2012-03-11: Church bells, fish, chips, hipsters galore, and vest weather. Good morning.

2012-03-04: Tired girl is on nap #4 today.

2012-02-18: Chillin' droolin' and moanin'

2012-01-15: Will, @fuzzycurls and spawn exploring Houston

2012-01-13: We continue to do well at the baby slots…she handled the flight like a champ!

2012-01-13: Dans l’aeroport

2012-01-11: My distracting view as I drive. #nofilter #NoIAmNotDrivingWhileIPostThis

2012-01-11: On my to Winona, I thought I missed the best morning light, only to step out of the rest area to …

2012-01-11: On my way to Winona

2012-01-03: #OnlyInSanFrancisco

2012-01-02: A bit of peaceful quiet. Until the next diaper, at least.

2012-01-01: Delicious. Probably not quite worth the $36 I paid, but dang close.

2012-01-01: Deus for the new year with @tomelko. Peppery, gorgeous aroma, hints of cardamom and coriander.

2011-11-21: Fishies!

2011-10-17: She just don’t stop!

2011-10-15: Things (and baby) organized neatly, morning coffee edition.


2011-07-27: Solid Gold. Same pic as previous, cropped differently.

2011-07-27: Water Towers

2011-07-27: Hikers