Hug your children. Hard.

More children died at gunpoint yesterday. Guns are now the leading cause of death in children. Where, and when, do we get off this ride and control guns in a meaningful way? Fuck gun-clutching hicks …

What in the hell is with every browser deciding to warn when told to quit!?

Simple pleasures — things organized neatly.

Retired FBI agent cracks 75 year/old cold case

This is a fascinating read revealing who most likely betrayed Anne Frank’s family during WWII.

FAIR-CAM provides explicit descriptions of the control functions that affect risk, as well as the relationships and interdependencies between control functions.

FAIR-CAM is pretty interesting. It cuts to the heart of the matter of IT risk in a lot of ways, and succinctly poses and addresses core questions that brought me to help build the SiRA fount—and drink …

2022 — the year of doing as @patrickrhone does?

New Condo on Airbnb

Back in May, I mentioned meeting with @patrickrhone to discuss housing/real estate, and that my wife and I were considering an investment property. Well, fast forward a few weeks after that coffee and …

Cycles II

I have joined the peloton (group or ball in French – the “group” variant here) with a new exercise bike. So far, I’m actually enjoying it – this is a first for exercise …


I finally have my motorcycle in full riding condition! But first, so I don’t bore you with motorcycle talk, I also had a fun Dad moment today when I passed a car that lost a wheel on Cretin by 94 (a …

A year in the life of a game trail in the BWCA.

I’ve been pondering future movements and listening to @patrickrhone’s recent interview on Systematic with Brett Terpstra inspired me to reach out to Patrick to talk shop — remodeling, financing …

Jamie shared this, and I backed it immediately. I’m stoked to play with this with my children! Paul Boswell, creator of the Turing Tumble, just launched Spintronics on Kickstarter. I’m in! …

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We enjoyed a creek-side picnic and a family walk.

Feeling a new burn with this, my Trashy Firepit. I bought it, happily, as I’m handy and into DIY, but not so much with metalwork. But if you like metalwork, Craig has posted the plans.

Hello, @saturdaydumplingclub! Veggie for lunch.

Get lost in the darkness.

Honestly, I’m here for April Fools jokes this year.

Shrimp Diablo a lá Dock Cafe. Eat’cher heart out!

I’€™m your huckleberry.


Seventeen years and a day that we’ve been together! I’ve been thinking a lot about that time, and especially the last year and all it’s brought and taught us. \n.\nOh my goodness @annbkool and her …

Hair matches jacket!

I unabashedly asked for a bottle of the new stuff at @handsome_hog last night. Today, Breakfast of Champions with some @crybabycraigs Hail Fire benefiting Minnesota farmers harmed in the 2020 hail …

Merry Christmas everyone!


Antonov An124 from a week ago @mspairport