I finally have my motorcycle in full riding condition! But first, so I don’t bore you with motorcycle talk, I also had a fun Dad moment today when I passed a car that lost a wheel on Cretin by 94 (a speed run where everyone goes 45+, in case you’re not familiar.) so this car is sitting in the left lane, their wheel in the right lane of oncoming traffic, and they were both just sitting there on their phones, clearly not sure what to do. I pulled a U-turn, parked with flashers, got the wheel out of the road (after 20 people raced up on me before going around then seeing the tire). Then I asked if they were okay, to which the driver replied “Yeah, our wheel fell off!” I allowed as how I could see that. Then I checked out the girls’ brake discs, found the vehicle was resting on the ground via a support, not the disc, so I had them pull off Cretin on three wheels so they did t get hit, then helped them figure out what to do. They’d had a lug nut and bolt sheared off, and all four remaining ones fell off.

It turned out they were returning after picking the car up from impound when the wheel fell off. Told them to call a tow, call the city and University of Minnesota police to report the damage to their car, and hope someone along the way owns liability for damage to their car. Anyway, my daughter was pretty confused why we stopped and so we talked through acts of kindness, the danger they were in, how once we got them off the road they started making calls and thinking clearly, and how I hope I can teach her to know how to get out of those situations on her own.

On to the bike…

After sitting a few years, I knew I had to clean the gas tank and refresh some hoses. So I replaced the battery, drained and took the tank off and soaked in vinegar for several days. I knew the secondary tank was in good shape so I didn’t worry about it…until Gunther stuck a golf tee into it. Guess I should’ve kept that plug in the fuel hose connections until I was ready to put the tank back on…So I soaked the secondary tank too, which meant removing the rear wheel and fender first. That eventually all came back together correctly, after replacing the fuel lines throughout, along with a new fuel filter, and then I got to give Gwyneth and Gunther both their first rides.

Later, I saw the fork was still leaking pretty severely, so removed the front wheel, brake calipers, speedometer cable, and the fork tubes. After quite a bit of reading, eventually got them back together, oiled and ready to go, which involved ordering the piece missing from disassembly (and no, I didn’t lose it). Then in remounting the brake calipers, my torque wrench didn’t fire and I stretched one bolt and snapped another. Eventually found some replacements at AutoZone that required me to cut 2mm off. With brakes back on, my last issue was to trace wires until I found the location of a short that has been present since I bought the bike from Sandra Shipp​​ I eventually removed the front turn signal to discover an electrical wire repair that wasn’t connect properly and wasn’t fully isolated. So to the store I went to get some new turn signals. Gwyneth helped me install the fronts, still deciding whether I’ll install the backs.

But good news is no more short and everything runs as it should. I’ll need to repeat all of this to pull bearings, clean hubs, degrease and paint parts where paint is failing, etc. now I just need to glue the cleaned up grip so I can ride again.

A year in the life of a game trail in the BWCA.

I’ve been pondering future movements and listening to @patrickrhone’s recent interview on Systematic with Brett Terpstra inspired me to reach out to Patrick to talk shop — remodeling, financing remodels, how that’s gone, etc. He was gracious enough to spend a few hours with me for some great conversation and a tour of his Hague House. This home built in the 1890s hides some amazing little details that you just don’t find anymore. I just wish I’d have grabbed a shot of the glasswork in the master closet.

As Patrick said, I'd probably pay $30 per hinge for these kinds of details over plain stainless.While very inornate as far these kinds of details go, this doorway has some wonderful handmade details that you'd never find elsewhere.The tile! The carving in the lintel! The metalwork on the firebox! So much to love here.

Jamie shared this, and I backed it immediately. I’m stoked to play with this with my children!

Paul Boswell, creator of the Turing Tumble, just launched Spintronics on Kickstarter. I’m in! Turing Tumble was brilliant, and this looks equally great! I love how he turns digital concepts and logic into something physical to interact with.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We enjoyed a creek-side picnic and a family walk.

Feeling a new burn with this, my Trashy Firepit. I bought it, happily, as I’m handy and into DIY, but not so much with metalwork. But if you like metalwork, Craig has posted the plans.

Hello, @saturdaydumplingclub! Veggie for lunch.

Get lost in the darkness.

Honestly, I’m here for April Fools jokes this year.

Shrimp Diablo a lá Dock Cafe. Eat’cher heart out!

I’€™m your huckleberry.


Seventeen years and a day that we’ve been together! I’ve been thinking a lot about that time, and especially the last year and all it’s brought and taught us. \n.\nOh my goodness @annbkool and her crew at @sookimimi are amazing. I’m so thankful you were able to open and provide a place for small, special nights like tonight. Listening earlier today to @foodunderfirepod episodes with you and @jdfratzke have me thinking a lot about everyone in the service industry and the struggle you’ve been through this past year.

Please pardon the mediocre food photography — I was more focused on shoving these delicious courses in my mouth than perfecting the photos. I also ate one course before I could take a pic of it. The whole experience was fantastic, and the molé blanco was sumptuous.

Hair matches jacket!

I unabashedly asked for a bottle of the new stuff at @handsome_hog last night. Today, Breakfast of Champions with some @crybabycraigs Hail Fire benefiting Minnesota farmers harmed in the 2020 hail storm. Get your bottle at @lundsandbyerlys in early March.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Antonov An124 from a week ago @mspairport

Hard to get a sense of how big this plane is without anything around it. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the prep and departure.

I liked the light off this @americanair A319 shot 2020-11-29 at @mspairport. I missed the Antonov A124 taking off that morning and only caught the Carolina Panthers motorcade on the highway, and missed their chartered 747.

Beginning of the end, this.

Halloween costumes. A created character inspired by Ahsoka Tano and The Cheeto in Chief acting presidential.

Listening to @davechangshow while hungry is not recommended. But it results in nice things like an apple cream crêpe cake for breakfast! They came out too thick, but it’ll be okay. Adding sugar to the apple cream was a nice way to get some sweet crêpes without adding sugar to the batter.

A pie chart depicting the cake I have not baked yet.

Black Lives Matter.