I’ve been pondering future movements and listening to @patrickrhone’s recent interview on Systematic with Brett Terpstra inspired me to reach out to Patrick to talk shop — remodeling, financing remodels, how that’s gone, etc. He was gracious enough to spend a few hours with me for some great conversation and a tour of his Hague House. This home built in the 1890s hides some amazing little details that you just don’t find anymore. I just wish I’d have grabbed a shot of the glasswork in the master closet.

As Patrick said, I'd probably pay $30 per hinge for these kinds of details over plain stainless.While very inornate as far these kinds of details go, this doorway has some wonderful handmade details that you'd never find elsewhere.The tile! The carving in the lintel! The metalwork on the firebox! So much to love here.