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  1. The rule here is simple: If you are invoking 1984 in a country in which 1984 is available for purchase and can be freely deployed as a rhetorical device, you likely don’t understand the point of 1984.


    Michael Moynihan splashing some cold water on those who are crying 1984! over the recent NSA revelations. (via sharpless)

    This logic is flawless as long as you believe that totalitarian states can only appear suddenly and out of an inexplicable vacuum.

    But, at the risk of invoking Godwin, remember that the hard-drinking, free-love bacchanalias of the Weimar party scene continued merrily and unabated even as a lot of seemingly trivial little freedoms were being quietly disappeared. One minor and easily dismissible indignity at a time.

    Guess I’m just saying, maybe be careful not to gaily and unintentionally Charleston your way into a world in which you’ll only notice that big boot once it’s found a happy new residence on your own pretty neck.

    If history’s any indication, those boots often enter our town squares and minority neighborhoods and fancy government office buildings opportunistically. Probably on many of those indolent and carefree evenings when all our noisy glibness and glass-clinking were drowning out the soundtrack of other peoples’ windows breaking.

    (via merlin)

    (via merlin)